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Chutney Cookies

Kelly Williams Brown offers 387 easy steps towards becoming an adult on her blog, Adulting.  Although I have not had the pleasure of reading through the entire blog, I belive that one of these steps must be Use Leftovers.  Using up leftovers saves money, is ecofriendly, and leads to a cleaner kitchen.  Goodness, do I struggle with the concept.

Seriously, help me out here.  I shop with a list and an eye towards what I plan to make throughout the week.  I plan my meals carefully.  For example, if I know that pork chops come in a pack of 5, I will plan 3 meals around pork chops to use them all up.  Regardless, I end every week with a list of things lingering in my refrigerator.  What am I missing?  Mom, I know you read this occasionally.  Help me out.

For example, I made an apply chutney to go with the aforementioned pork chops.  However, I ended up with about a cup leftover.  What do you do with a cup of leftover chutney?  I liked the idea of an apply chutney pie; new twist on a classic.  I was concerned that the chutney would pack too much of a punch for anybody to want to eat an entire slice of it.  So, I went with a modification of apple pie cookies from Deb of Smitten Kitchen.  She mentioned that the cookies did not contain very much pie filling but rather were a celebration of pie crust.  The cookies seemed like an excellent vehicle for a filling that packed a punch.  Here is her recipe.  I stole was inspired by her technique and swapped out the filling.

I loved the result.  Chutney cookies are easy to make, tastier cold so you can make them the day before, flavorful and surprising, and a sweet snack but does not feel like it should be dessert.  Furthermore, the cookies used up the extra chutney.  Yay!

I admire Kelly Williams Brown’s chutzpah as she stands up and offers to lead her audience to adulthood.  Me, I can’t even claim to be able to solve your leftover problem.  However, if you happen to have some extra chutney cluttering up your fridge, these cookies are perfect.


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