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Christmas in a Shoebox

Do you remember cookiepalooza from last year? It didn’t land as well with the people I gave the cookies to as it has in years past. Too many of the people in my life now are gluten free, vegan, or on a diet. So this year, I made a bunch of Christmas cards. Hopefully folks will like them better. But what is Christmas without a slew of cookies? I wouldn’t know because I didn’t manage it. I still made a bunch of cookies and Brett and I ate most of them.


Brett and I live in the cutest little shoebox of an apartment. It has crown molding, a fireplace, and an awesome layout. It is also teeny, tiny. We have been excited to move out since we moved in. The idea of cramming a full length tree into our apartment gave me pause. Instead, we got a teeny, tiny tree that sits very adorably on the mantle of our fireplace.

I was really excited to show you just how small our tiny and adorable our tree is by stacking sugar cookies taller than the tree. As it turns out, I couldn’t get the cookies to stack tall enough. Our tree is taller than a stack of sugar cookies. The tree grew! At least in my own estimation of it. Let us chalk that up to the magic of Christmas, yes?


I like this sugar cookie recipe because it is very easy and it produces sugar cookies that are a bit chewy. I omitted the lemon because I wanted sugar cookies not lemon sugar cookies.


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