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Twenty minutes from Beaverton exists an island with sand beaches and pick your own produce.   Brett and I were lucky enough to arrive on a warm and sunny day.  I suspect you aren’t as excited by this as I am.  It was sunny and there was sand.  Last time I went to the beach here in Oregon, it snowed.  I didn’t even know it could snow on a beach.

I wanted wrap it all up, stick it in my pocket, and save it for January.  So I did, kinda.  I took lots of pictures and made strawberry jam.  In January, I will be able to crank up my heater, drizzle some strawberry jam on ice cream, and look back on the post.


Dear January version of Me,

It will get warm again.  The sun does shine in Oregon sometimes.  Brett is wonderful and he was totally worth moving to Oregon for.  Go eat some strawberry jam.




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