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And… We’re Back

Oh my goodness, February was a long month.  I am so sorry to have gone so quiet without warning.  We moved and it took foooreeeeevvvvveerrrr.

We are in the new place, unpacked, and ready to cook.

In addition to the packing, I have spent February  reading other people’s blogs.  I owe you some links to some incredible food writing and photography.

One of the highlights is this post at The Yellow House blog.  In the post, Sarah honors home cooks and the challenges they face.  She expresses concern that perhaps pretty pictures of six-hour food projects take away from the joy of cooking daily.  Taking her lead, the next few posts will be weeknight dinners.  They are not as pretty, elaborate, or pricey as my weekend bake-a-thons but they bring me more joy.

I like providing for my little family of three (update to come).  I like budgeting, considering calories, and the creative use of leftovers.  So stay tuned for White Fish with Lemon Caper Butter, brocoli and Cucumber Salad.  Which, I promise, will post in a timely fashion.


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